Indonesia *Tanah Air*

The Straight Dope

By James Alley and Harlan Thompson

The Straight Dope is the name given to a series of language guides available to those interested in modern, particularly colloquial, Indonesian. Whether new to Indonesian or a dedicated student of the language, you will, I hope, find the Dope either pleasant to peruse or an invaluable resource, or both. The following documents, designed to be printed and carried around, are available for free downloading in Adobe's Acrobat Portable Document Format (pdf):

View a screenshot of The Dope as it appears in PDF (17K GIF)

Available free from Adobe, Acrobat software allows you to print The Dope with all the integrity of the original regardless of whether you use Macintosh, Windows, or Unix. The Acrobat Reader plug-in conveniently allows you to view Acrobat PDF documents right within your browser window.

Your suggestions and comments on the Dope are welcome.

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