Indonesia *Tanah Air*

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Kain Timor from Kapan

The fabrics, or kain, of central Timor break away from other Indonesian designs with their bright, some would say outlandish color schemes. (Admittedly I sometimes can't help but mutter to myself, "Rasta.") All the colors of the rainbow are represented, with red in dominance. Other areas of Timor have a very different approach to color. We'll take a look at fabrics from Bélu and East Timor in coming weeks.


This first piece is a small slendang, or scarf. A small piece like this will be wrapped around the head or waist, draped as a sash, or worn about the neck as a scarf would.

Selimut Timor

The second piece is a section of a very large selimut blanket, comprised of several narrower pieces sewn together. As the weavers of this area utilize traditional backstrap looms, the width of a contiguous piece of fabric is limited to the weaver's reach, usually something less than a meter.

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