Indonesia *Tanah Air*
The Straight Dope on Bahasa Indonesia and other language resources
By James Alley and Harlan Thompson. This classic reference helps students of Indonesian to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to Indonesian vocabulary. Also includes a guide to the vocabulary of food, plus some fun crosswords!
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Indonesian Bathrooms (But Were Afraid To Ask) (January 97)
A QuickTime representation of a 3D model of an Indonesian bathroom, with notes.
Madura (October 96)
A brief yet beautiful look at life at an Islamic boarding school.
The Backstrap Loom (October 96)
Three Timorese weavers show and chat about their art.
Makin' Moonshine (August 96)
In the predominantly Christian east, consumption of alcohol is generally more acceptable than in other parts of Indonesia influenced by the strictures of Islam. Get a close-up look at one of Kupang's major "works". Then go and build one yourself!
Tapping the Lontar Palm (July 96)
In Eastern Indonesia, the "juice" of the lontar palm has been a staple for generations. Check out what may be the first-ever coverage of the process of tapping these trees shot from within the trees themselves.
The Fabric Center (July 96)
See examples of four major families of fabric from Eastern Indonesia.

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